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Viktoriya DZYUBA


Introduction. A successful combination of mathematical apparatus, modern engineering and high technology allows us to implement bold ideas and implement state-of-the-art solutions in the life of each of us.
The article shows that mastering the apparatus of algebra for data analysts is an extremely important aspect for the successful solution of applied problems, in addition, it will allow in the future to realize themselves in a promising career. As a confirmation of the relevance of the chosen direction of research, the leading scientists and their work on the subject of this article are indicated.
The main modern directions of using mathematical disciplines for the development of information systems and technologies are outlined. An algorithm for performing an elementary task of matrix game theory and its software implementation in Python and Javascript environments has been developed.
The solution of the problem of applied nature, using algebraic approaches, to build a model of the network of transport flows is considered and the obtained results are analyzed.
The purpose of the article is the implementation of the apparatus of algebra and geometry in the process of solving applied problems in the training of specialists in the field of information systems and technologies.
Results. The use of basic algebraic approaches to build a model of a network of transport flows is considered and analyzed. It is established that the key factor of successful training of future programmers is a solid mathematical base, which allows to form clear and logical solutions while working on various projects in further professional activities. As a confirmation, the main modern directions of development of information systems and the newest technologies with use of mathematical disciplines are specified.
An example of using the apparatus of matrix and vector algebra is given, the algorithm of the elementary problem of matrix game theory in Python and Javascript environments is developed and implemented.
Conclusion. The article considers the applied implementation of the apparatus of algebra and geometry in the training of specialists in the specialty 126 "Information Systems and Technologies". It is proposed to improve the existing approaches to the training of future specialists in data analysis, in particular by involving them in solving applied problems with the ability to interpret the results at the program level.
Thus, mastering the mathematical apparatus will allow the future programmer to generate new ideas and implement them in practice, which will lead to the improvement of existing and creation of new directions in the IT industry.

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